Stretch Film


Stretch Film, also known as stretch wrap or pallet wrap, is one of the most popular unitization methods in today’s marketplace for securing boxes or bags of any product to a pallet for safe shipment. Stretch film provides an excellent alternative to strapping, corrugated materials, polybags and similar unitization methods.  It can also be used for unitizing unusual sized, non-palletized goods such as building materials, carpet, rolled goods, steel beams, piping or wood products, giving customers the same benefits of product protection, maximizing unitization and minimum packaging costs per load. Virtually any product can be stretch wrapped given the right equipment and films. Two types of stretch films exist, which are blown films and cast films.  Please contact us and a packaging specialist will be glad to assist in determining the correct solution for your loads.

Blown Film

Stretch film extruded by the blown process is typically produces greater puncture resistance but has less aesthetic values than cast films. Blown films are also very loud as you unwind.

Cast Film

Stretch Film extruded by cast typically have a greater tear resistance, greater aesthetic values and are quiet as you unwind.

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