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Malpack is a proudly owned Canadian company with over 38 years’ experience in the conversion, extrusion, and manufacturing of film. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has translated into a success with three plants to serve our customer’s evolving needs. Did you know that we are the first Canadian-owned company to produce cast stretch film!

Since its inception in 1998, our stretch film division has seen a 100% increase in growth making us a dominant player in the North American markets. Our current capacity is over 100 million pounds with the implementation of our new SMART-Layer line in April of 2011.  Future looks bright with several planned new product introductions during 2012 and beyond.  Malpack will continue to be the leader in ultra-high performance stretch film for many years to come.

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Malpack Machine Grade Films

Standard Performance Machine Film 

Extremely versatile machine film with higher tensile strength and puncture resistance, Stretch Max offers you a “work horse” for most machine film applications.  Proven performance and consistency makes Stretch Max a clear choice in the industry.

  • Available in 2-sided or 1-sided cling
  • Excellent stretch capabilities – up to 300%
  • 5-layer premium machine film
  • Enhanced puncture resistance
  • Great cling and clarity
  • 40 gauge to 300 gauge

High Performance Machine Film 

Pro-Max machine film is a down gauging film to compete against lower performing high performance films in the market today.  There are “copy cats” out there- why pay for something you don’t need!  Pro-Max brings equal down gauging and increased value to many applications.

  •  High Performance Machine Film
  • Lowest Cost Per Roll
  • Enhanced force to load in thinner gauges
  • 500mm or 750mm widths
  •  51 gauge – 57 gauge – 63 gauge
  • Available in Convenient (50 rolls / skid)

Platinum Machine Film is a proven high performance product, giving you an extremely “Low Gauge” product with exceptional on-pallet performance.

  • Ultra Low Gauge with High Performance Properties
  • 500mm or 750mm widths
  • 42 gauge
  • Available in 9,000’ lengths

Ultra-High Performance Machine Film 

Platinum Max machine film is an ultra-performance stretch film that provides unmatched puncture. Platinum Max delivers load containment at gauge levels well below the competition.  Highest stretch at the lowest gauge for optimal stretch wrapping performance.  Why settle…..When you can have Platinum Max!

  • Next Generation high performance machine film
  • One-Sided Cling
  • Higher Pre-Stretch – Higher Puncture Resistance
  • 500mm or 750mm widths
  •  39 gauge – 44 gauge – 48 gauge – 55 gauge – 61 gauge – 70 gauge
  • Available in Convenient (50 rolls / skid)
  • Extreme down gauging with superior force-to-load
  • Beat every film in the market!

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