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Often times there is a gap in the production requirements that fall between the lower speed and production volumes of labor intensive manual sealing and that of the high speed and fully automatic production environments. Automatic L bars are provided to offer a solution to bridge the gap between these ends of the production spectrum and offer an extremely versatile solution to meet your packaging requirements. Viking Plastic Packaging proudly represents Texwrap Packaging Systems as a solution to meet your mid-level production.


Centrally located in Washington, Missouri, Texwrap is the leader in the design and manufacture of fully automatic shrink wrap systems.  Known as an industry innovator, Texwrap holds patents on some of the most significant breakthrough technologies in the shrink wrapping market.  Texwrap’ s fully line of standard wrappers includes L-bar sealers, continuous and intermittent motion side sealers, static lap sealers, and vertical wrappers as well as tunnels, conveyors and infeed equipment.  They are also specialists in designing and building custom systems to fit a wide variety of applications and are able to offer custom integration services.

2215_Spartan Automatic L Seal Wrapper

2219 Automatic In-Line L-Sealers

2219 L Bar Multipacker Packer