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Lantech, the leader in secondary packaging solutions, builds stretch wrappers, case erectors, shrink wrap machine, palletizers, and pallet load conveyors to unmatched quality standards. Founded in 1972, Lantech has more than 65,000 stretch wrap machine placements worldwide and more than 150 U.S. and foreign patents for its stretch wrapping innovations. Its Global network of 175 sales offices and Technical Packaging Center can provide the stretch wrapping, case equipment, shrink packaging, palletizing and conveying solutions to improve productivity and reduce packaging costs.

The Lantech ST-Series shrink tunnels utilize a soft “convection” shrink process in an efficiently designed chamber that uniformly bathes the film bubble with hot air.

Dog ears, wrinkles, conveyor marking and burn-outs are all but eliminated thanks to our consistent and gentle shrink environment. Set up is quick easy with the ViewWindow operator control station. You can produce great looking packages at speeds up to 90ft per minute with the ST-900, and up to 70ft per minute with the ST-700.